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Unicorn Story

How we started sewing pink garments
Once upon a time, a group of friends decided to build an art installation at an event in a desert.
Since desert nights are cold we decided we needed faux fur coats to keep us warm.
Naturally the fur coats had to be pink, and beautiful, and made with the softest faux fur. After an
exhaustive search, we finally found the best faux fur and made around 30 fur coats for our team
and friends.

We try to limit the amount of waste we create, so we didn’t discard the off-cuts from the fur
coats, we used them to make hats. The pink fluffy hats were a real hit among our friends and
inspired us to start the brand.

We make hats out of the off-cuts of the fur coats and mittens from the off-cuts of the hats. This
means that we use nearly 100% of the material and we create minimal waste. We believe in
sustainable fashion and try not to harm the environment. We aim to make the world a better
place where animals are not being killed for their fur.
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