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Thank you for your contribution! We will send 10% to help animals suffering in Australian bushfires.
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Fluffy faux fur hats

We now send 10% from every sale to help animals in Australia!

6 reasons to choose us:
We currently send 10% from every sale to Wild2Free in Australia. More then a billion animals have already died in Australian bushfires. Please consider donating to organisations currently doing anything they can to save Australian wildlife.
We sew Thinsulate insulation of various thicknesses into our fur coats. It will keep you warm in temperatures of up to -20−35°С (-4−31°F). For hats and mittens, we use polyester padding, which is suitable for temperatures up to -20−25°С (-4−13°F).
Zero Waste
We strive to use a zero-waste production process and utilize every single piece of fabric. We sew hats from the trimmings of fur coats, and mittens from the trimmings of hats. We make charms out of the smallest leftovers.
Magnetic fasteners
We use hidden magnetic fastenings in our hats and fur coats. The magnets don't ruin the look, don't wear out, break or get lost. Fastening and unfastening in a blink of an eye —just like magic.
Nice packaging
You purchase will arrive to you in a beautiful and usable bag. Plastic and paper bags harm the environment, so we make our own fabric backpacks. You can use the bag to store and carry around our garments or something else for years.
It is not necessarily to abuse animals to enjoy the beauty and warmth of their fur. Modern synthetic fabrics are warmer, cosier and more beautiful than natural ones.
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Leo Pellegrino & 'Too Many Zooz'
We ship worldwide.
All items in stock ship the next day and it takes 3 days to 3 weeks for your order to arrive anywhere.
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Nicely packed
The order will arrive in a nice bag. It can be reused many times to store our garments or something else.
Our customers love us
Liya Iva
Founder of Unicorn Furs, designer, artist
Liya graduated from the British Higher School of Art and Design with a first class honours degree in
Fashion Design. For her graduate collection, she created the Empathy project by upcycling old
jeans, shirts and plastic bags into garments. The mission of the project was to draw attention to issues surrounding plastic pollution, over-consumption and the dehumanization of migrants.

Every year since 2016, Liya has created a camp and art installations at the Burning Man, Nevada, USA.

Liya decided to create her own faux fur brand, because she believes that the continued killing of
animals for their fur in the 21 st century is absurd. With the development of new fabrics, faux fur
with insulation is now warmer than real fur, and more beautiful, considering that it doesn't
require any animals to be killed to produce it. Liya sees it as her mission to convince as many
people as possible to shift from using real fur to faux fur.

Alongside Unicorn Furs, Liya has also established another venture, Magic Costumes,
which offers runway collections for hire for party goers.
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Правила ухода за вещами из искусственного меха
  • Если вещь намокла под снегом или дождем, повесьте или разложите ее просушиться при комнатной температуре.
  • Не сушите вещи из искусственного меха при помощи фена или рядом с батареями, обогревателями - от нагревания мех может деформироваться.
  • Допускается ручная стирка в холодной воде и с мягким моющим средством.
  • Если вещь сильно испачкалась, желательно сдать ее профессионалам, в химчистку.
  • Если загрязнение локальное, можно попробовать удалить его влажной губкой с мягким моющим средством. После высыхания мех можно причесать расческой с редкими зубчиками.
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